The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area

Churches offering alternatives to Sunday services

Churches in the Harborough area will be closed from this Sunday (22 March) in accordance with national advice concerning the covid-19 pandemic. Midweek events, including the Friday united churches' Lent service and lunch at the Methodist Church, are also cancelled. The Good Friday (10 April) open-air event planned for the Square has been postponed until next year.

However, the churches are making alternative arrangements to ensure that members of the community, whether regular churchgoers or not, can access helpful reflections, talks, worship material and prayers at this difficult time. This will be through the churches' websites which are open to anyone to access. Some churches which are open in the day for personal prayer will remain open for this purpose for the time being.

Among the resources are an internet-streamed 5.00 pm Sunday service from the Anglican team, and a Mother's Day audio service from the Congregational Church. Church members are also being mobilised to offer appropriate assistance to people who are forced to isolate, and to liaise with other community groups in the area.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called for this Sunday to be a national day of prayer and encourage people to place a lighted candle in their windows at 7.00 pm as a mark of God's light in the darkness and our solidarity.

Full details of arrangements will be on individual church websites which can be accessed via the Our Churches page on this website. In most cases arrangements will be made for paper materials to be available for people who do not have access to the internet.

The measure expresses the churches' concern to be socially responsible in limiting the spread of the disease. and especially to provide spiritual support to the whole community by whatever means are available.

The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area