Harborough Action for Justice & Peace

Justice and Peace

Do you desire to see improvements in the well-being of all people regardless of race, creed, gender, age?

The group meets 3 times a year at the Methodist Church, elect an issue for special attention each year and join with others to fund raise for that area of work. Currently we are concerned for Homelessness and the Refugees that Harborough District Council has been allocated.

Currently we are particularly campaigning about the demolition of housing and the community centre in Naseby Square. We are encouraging as many people as possible to write a letter to council objecting to the planning request - for more information please see Naseby Square demolition.

We challenge injustices arising from:

  • Benefits inadequacies and inefficient processes that create additional problems
  • Human trafficking and the exploitation of people as modern-day slaves
  • Issues within the Health Service; Education; Social Welfare
  • Ecological issues; Climate Change & Pollution issues
  • Global Issues such as Unfair Trade Agreements; and Systems that oppress minority, ethnic or cultural groups

Members actively support: Amnesty, Avaaz, 38 Degrees, Green Peace, Some-of-us, Global Justice, Fair Trade etc; and we hold an annual candle lit Peace Vigil in the Town Square.

We welcome all who are concerned for justice and peace issues, and details may be obtained from:

Janet Smith at
Alison Tomlin at