The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area

Street Pastors celebrate decade of service

Market Harborough Street Pastors, who offer help and support to people in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights, were joined by the movement’s national founder, Les Isaac OBE, as they celebrated ten years of service in the town.

At a service at the Methodist Church in September, Mr Isaac asserted that “We need to rediscover our excitement of who Jesus is, the Jesus of the Gospel, the Jesus of the Kingdom. Jesus isn’t about denominations or religion. Sadly people know more of what we’re against than what we’re for. The ultimate purpose of the church is to preach the Gospel. People need to know there is hope.”

Les Isaac
Les Isaac OBE addressing the meeting

Mr Isaac is the national founder of Street Pastors and now CEO of the Ascension Trust, which oversees the work of some 300 similar groups around the UK. He gave his audience several challenges. One “is to have a clear vision of where you are going,” he said. Another is to become people of prayer. “As we pray, the vision becomes clearer.”

Hosting the event, Andy Murphy, minister of the Methodist Church, stressed that Street Pastors is not a niche activity but a ministry of all the churches together in the town. Street Pastors are volunteers drawn from various churches and supported by Churches Together in Harborough. Their remit is to offer practical assistance by listening, caring and helping. They work in partnership with the police and local authority. The 80 or so people who attended the service included the Chair of Harborough District Council, Mrs Barbara Johnson, along with present and former Street Pastors.

Harborough Street Pastors
Street Pastors past and present lined up for a celebratory photograph

The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area