The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area

Naseby Square demolition

Update 7th November 2020

HDC have sold their lands to the Platform Housing Group.

This thus suggests that apart from a slight revision to the development proposals we can expect a new Planning Application to go in for February 2021. There can be no way that HDC will have done anything other than guarantee Planning Consent will be granted due to the Conservative group having the overwhelming control of the Council.

You can read more about this, what it will mean for the remaining residents, and what we can do about it here: Naseby Square Update 7th Nov 2020.

Prayers are needed as well as a further lobbying against the development. We have discovered that the initial concept for the development included clearing the way for a future development incorporating the remaining homes on the Naseby Square site. Thus the remaining tenants may find themselves being removed as the reasons for demolishing 1950s and 1980s buildings were due to being old and not up to date.

You only have to visit people on the Square to see how totally untrue that is. The blocks of 1980s buildings and the Community Hall and Wardens Office and the small Communal Lounge well and truly refute that statement.

I think the only way forward is to create as much back-lash as possible so that we can deliver our petitions to both HDC and Platform prior to the Planning Committee in February.

I sincerely hope that you are all keeping well, and that we manage to at least arouse a good number of folk to put in their objections by the beginning of February.

God bless,
Dave Tomlin

Update September 21st 2020

This is a precis of a longer press piece that Dave Tomlin and the campaign group have released in the last couple of weeks. The background to the campaign is well known locally, but there was an article in the Harborough Mail on 15th September - New twist in the tale of a controversial housing development in Harborough - it looks like HDC has ‘agreed in principle’ to explore the selling of the HDC owned land off to Platform, the Midlands Housing Group who own the rest of the site. Hence the new/updated release from the group: Naseby Square Social & Sheltered Housing Complex – Update September 21st 2020.

You can also read more and sign the petition here: Battle for Naseby Square 2020.

The Christian Community in the Market Harborough area