Harborough Action for Justice & Peace

Justice and Peace

Do you desire to see improvements in the well-being of all people regardless of race, creed, gender, age?

The group meets 3 times a year at the Methodist Church, elect an issue for special attention each year and join with others to fund raise for that area of work. Currently we are concerned for Homelessness and the Refugees that Harborough District Council has been allocated.

We challenge injustices arising from:

  • Benefits inadequacies and inefficient processes that create additional problems
  • Human trafficking and the exploitation of people as modern-day slaves
  • Issues within the Health Service; Education; Social Welfare
  • Ecological issues; Climate Change & Pollution issues
  • Global Issues such as Unfair Trade Agreements; and Systems that oppress minority, ethnic or cultural groups

Lent Fashion Challenge

During Lent a group from the Baptist Church are holding a 12 point challenge to encourage us to think about fashion. How does our choice of clothing affect those producing it, and the environment? For more information please see the leaflet: Fashion Conscious or Fashion Conscience?

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Beginning on Monday, 26th February and up to Sunday, 11th March there will be events to highlight supporting Fair Trade.

Following the success last year of the coffee trail in Market Harborough, you can enjoy a Fairly Traded hot drink in participating cafes where, if you have ‘four in the fortnight’, you will be given a free drink.

The annual Schools’ Fair Trade Baking Competition will be taking place. Children and young people can use their baking skills to cook cakes and biscuits with as many Fairly Traded ingredients as possible while learning about the improvements they are helping to make in the producers’ lives. School choose their winners and a prize presentation is held to celebrate and congratulate them with family, friends and school staff in support.

On Saturday 3 March, 9am-noon, there will a coffee morning plus breakfast at the Methodist Church, using Fair Trade/local ingredients.

Please watch out for other events as they are advertised!

Members actively support: Amnesty, Avaaz, 38 Degrees, Green Peace, Some-of-us, Global Justice, Fair Trade etc; and we hold an annual candle lit Peace Vigil in the Town Square.

We welcome all who are concerned for justice and peace issues, and details may be obtained from:

Janet Smith at
Alison Tomlin at